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Gift and Display Plaques - Unique, distinctive and personalised
Metal based plaques made to your own design.

Based on the same methods I use on vehicle custom painting I am regularly asked to produce more portable designs in the form of a Plaque. I make and paint these plaques for all occasions, whether for displays and show plaques to accompany custom vehicles, unique promotional advertising or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, awards and presentations. The average size is 58 cm x 42 cms but I can produce them to any size.

Each they are made from sheet steel or alloy which has been fully prepared and primed as a normal custom paint job. Then specially designed artwork using the whole range of available finishes such as metal flake, pearls, candy’s, gold leaf, silver leaf, and pinstriping to name just a few. All are fully lacquered and can be framed. They look fantastic hung with a spotlight carefully positioned in a room. I can paint them to look like the paintwork on your vehicle, or even a portrait.

It requires about six weeks to design and paint these Plaques so contact me early to discuss your ideas if aiming for a particular date. Designs are only limited by your imagination so feel free and express yourself!

High Quality custom paint finishes
Display plagues to compliment your vehicle...

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