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Vehicle Customisation - From Simple Spraying To Complex Artwork
Vehicle customisation painting service.

Although the majority of my work is carried out on motor cycles I enjoy working on other vehicles. My workshop is not designed for larger vehicles, however if the vehicle is already at a location suitable for spraying I am happy to travel to the premises to do any of the custom artwork or graphics before the vehicle is finally clear coated. This means the customer does not have the added problem of moving between spray shops and I have the flexibility to work around the overall paint schedule.

Naturally if a part can be removed from the vehicle then it makes the job easier and as with any custom paint project I start by talking through the effect they are looking for and the most economical method without compromising on quality.

Preparation of all surfaces is vital. I shot blast or vapor blast all work where possible and I am able to carry out any repairs before spraying. To ensure only the very best finish I only use the best paints and laquer which is why I choose House of Colour. See panel on the right for more detail.

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Only the best quality paints Used
The widest selection from House of Kolor...

House of Kolor paints

I use only the very best paints in the business. House of KolorĀ® produce custom paints that won't tarnish, crack or sun-fade, even in severe climates or radical temperature changes. They also withstand the many coats required for a custom job.

House of KolorĀ® maintains its integrity and reputation as a leader in custom coatings by using only the finest ingredients in the production of its award-winning paint products. This enables me at Street Kustom the freedom to use my imagination to design and create your unique custom paintwork.